Do you HATE that holiday obligations prevent you from taking care of yourself?
And who said it was OK for your health and fitness to get pushed to the back burner!?
My name is Jeri Jirsa, and I understand how much this time of year makes us feel sabotaged

I have spent years – literally! – working with busy professionals just like you and I. It IS possible reach our goals DESPITE crazy schedules and endless responsibilities... Especially during the holiday seasons.

If you’re a busy professional like me, you know it’s easy to get derailed by the demands of the holidays. Even if they aren't your thing, your own schedule gets derailed by everyone ELSE going out of town and traveling. Picking up the extra slack means your own health gets put on hold, and the average person gains 6-15 pounds between November 1st and January 1st.
It’s Not Your Fault
Our offices are closed intermittently through the week, so our bosses have bumped up all our deadlines. (Not to mention, all those additional last-minute projects.)

More hours at work mean more pre-packaged meals and less time to move.

If we're lucky, our sleep isn't disturbed too badly on top of it all!

It's no wonder that our bodies wind up thrown off for months.

The problem is, this impacts your mindset as well as your waistlines. So you CAN’T afford to wait to restart "in the new year!"

To end the frustration and confusion of keeping sane healthy through the holidays, I’ve got nutrition strategies, meal plans, and recipes… and combined them into one, powerful, energy-producing resource.
Introducing… Our Holiday Survival Guide!
Let’s have a look at what you’ll discover in the Holiday Survival Guide:
  • 4 Fast Fat Blasting Workouts! No equipment necessary.
  • Our Holiday Nutrition Guide.
  • Tips for handling parties.
  • Recipes for holiday sides and appetizers you don't feel guilty about sharing!
  • Save Your Brain Blueprint.
The best part is… it’s completely FREE!

That’s right.

We have decided to GIVE YOU this awesome resource simply to help you get through the holidays feeling a little more healthy and sane.
It’s time to make YOU the priority this holiday season!
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